I am a youth fly tyer and fly fisherman. My fly tying has been self-taught. Many people have asked about my flies, and this blog is a sample of my fly tying work and flies that I have tied. I hope that this blog will encourage an interest in fly tying and fishing in both children and adults alike.

When I was very young, I began cutting up foam toys, rubber puffer balls, colored weed-eater line, and any other material I could find to make fishing lures and flies by tying them together with sewing thread. Some caught fish, and that was fun.

I received a Wapsi Fly Tying Starter Kit in the Fall of 2013, and that was my first time using a vise and professional fly tying materials. I like to tie variations of most traditional fly patterns and also enjoy experimenting and developing my own flies by using the fundamental techniques that I have learned. I rarely follow a published pattern and prefer adding my own features to my flies.

I have been invited to participate as a fly tying demonstrator at many events in the Southeast. Click HERE for a link to a list of those events. 

This is the very first fly I tied in the Fall of 2013 with my fly tying starter kit and vise: