(These are the some of the most frequent questions I have been asked about my interest in fly tying)

How long have you been tying flies?
  • I had experimented tying flies and making lures with household materials since I was very young, but I did not use professional materials until I received a Wapsi Fly Tying Starter Kit and vise in the Fall of 2013, so that is when I officially began tying flies with professional materials.

When did you begin fly fishing?
  • I began fly fishing in December 2013, shortly after I started tying flies. But I have fished with conventional rod and reel since I was five years old.

How did you learn to tie flies?
  • I am self taught by reading books and watching videos. Byron Begley at Little River Outfitters gave me a huge book (by Ted Leeson) on fly tying that I read a lot. Another book I like is George Kelson's book on dressing salmon flies. I also watched fly tying videos from several of the popular tyers on YouTube.. 

What got you interested in tying flies?
  • My parents and I have always loved to fish, and I have fished from a very young age. Also, I have always been curious about making fishing lures. I love bugs, so the bug hobby and fly tying just works out.

How many patterns can you tie?
  • I have not counted, but I can probably tie several hundred patterns or variations from memory.

Do you follow any fly patterns step by step?
  • No. I will watch someone tie a fly and after they finish, I will follow what I saw. Or I will look at a picture of a fly or pick up an actual fly and then try to duplicate it (many times with my own variations).  To me, it is more fun create my own version than to tie a fly exactly the way someone else may tie a similar fly.

What are your favorite flies to tie?
  • I enjoy tying fully dressed classic salmon flies and have begun to experiment with them a lot. I also like to tie dry flies because I like to work with hackle. Nymphs are also fun because there are so many varieties to experiment with. There really aren't any flies that I do not like to tie.

What is your favorite fly to fish with?
  • I don't have a favorite fly to fish with, but mostly fish with nymphs right now. Any fly that works is good with me.