Monday, October 20, 2014

Orvis - Another coupon leads to new friends

A year ago from this past weekend, we headed home after leaving the Pigeon Forge area (see previous blog post). We had an extra coupon from the Sevierville Orvis Store, so on the way back we called the Orvis Store in Asheville, NC and Sav Sankaran answered the phone. We asked Sav if we could use the Sevierville store coupon in the Asheville store. Without hesitation, Sav said it was no problem and to come on by. We arrived at the Orvis Asheville store without a lot of time to spare (only about 20 minutes until closing).

The customer service experience at the Orvis Sevierville store the previous day was outstanding, and the Asheville store personnel took it to an even higher level. Sav patiently answered a barrage of questions from Tradd about fly tying materials. They even held the store open for us after closing, and that is just a small example of the customer service that Orvis is all about. We used the coupon and purchased some materials, and that first experience at the Asheville store has brought us back many times since.

Over the past year, every person in the Asheville Orvis store has been extremely helpful and encouraging to Tradd in this new world of fly fishing and tying. James, Austin, Drew, Jeremy, Marguerite, Sarah Beth, Sav, and Troop have spent many hours talking with Tradd about fly tying materials and fly fishing equipment and have always treated him with kindness and patience.

Tradd has now had the privilege of being a fly tying demonstrator for two separate Orvis Days Events in that store and has enjoyed those expereinces very much. A lot has happened in just one year, and Orvis has been a big part of it. We are grateful for the encouragement and friendship of all of the professionals in the Asheville Orvis Store.