Friday, August 14, 2015

Easy Caddis Emerger - Step by Step

Materials used: #12 barbless scud hook; Ostrich herl (chartrueuse);
 golden pheasant tail; lead-free wire; ice dubbing (peacock); SLF 
dubbing (chartreuse); CDC; Uni-thread 8/0 (chartreuse):

Wrap the lead-free wire in center of hook shank (amount and size
 of wire can vary depending on the weight/depth you prefer):

Secure the wire with thread wraps while tapering 
the body from the hook eye to the back: 

Tie in the ostrich herl at back (color can be your choice): 

Dub the body (color and type of dubbing can be your choice):

Palmer the ostrich herl over the body, tie it down, and cut excess:

Tie in the CDC for the wing of the emerging caddis fly:

Take two golden pheasant tail fibers and tie in as antenna:

Dub the thorax (color and type of dubbing can be your choice):

Whip finish and cut the thread to complete: