Monday, August 31, 2015

Olive Latex Caddis Pupa - Step by Step

Materials Used 
#12 Barbless Scud Hook
Golden Pheasant Tail (Natural)
Hungarian Partridge (Natural) 
Camel Dubbing (Olive)
Latex Strip
Prismacolor Marker (Olive)

Tie in the Flymen Caddis Nymph Head snug against the hook eye:

Tie in a short strip of latex at end of hook in bend:

Wrap the latex from back of hook towards the front to make segments 
and tie in approximately the width of the head back from the head:
Cut latex strip and tie down with thread wraps approximately
1/4 of the way back away from the head:

Tie in a second strip of latex approximately 1/4 of the way back 
away from the head then bring thread wrap back to head:

Select a Hungarian Partridge feather and then pluck the fibers at
the top to form a "V" shape. Then position each side of the "V" on 
the sides of the fly to form the legs and tie in with thread wraps:

Cut the excess Hungarian Partridge and add dubbing to the thread:

Dub the thorax of the fly:

Pull the second latex strip towards the head and 
tie in right behind the head:

Select two Golden Pheasant Tail fibers, pinch them together
evenly, and tie in under the tag of the latex strip:

Cut the tag ends of the Golden Pheasant fibers and the latex strip:

Hand color the latex materials with a Prismacolor Olive 
Marker (do not color the bottom of the fly):

Pick/tease the dubbing at bottom to make the fly look "buggy".
Tie the fly to 5X or 6X tippet, make a nice cast, and hang on... :