Sunday, October 11, 2015

Wapsi Challenge at the 2015 IFFFSOC Fly Fishing Fair

At the FFF Southern Council Fly Fishing Fair, Wapsi Fly Company
sponsored a fun contest where they gave all of the fly tying demonstrators
identical materials and the game was to come up with any fly pattern
you wanted.  You had to use as many materials from their selection as possible
and were only allowed to add a hook and one more ingredient. The following 
were the ingredients in the contest package (not all of the items were labelled, 
so I may be guessing at some of the packaging names):

UTC 140 Denier Thread (Olive)
Silly Legs (Grizzly Brown)
A new open-cell foam material (Gray)
Thin Skin - Czech Speck (Black and Clear)
SLF Dubbing (blend of rabbit and sparkle)
Turkey feather (Natural)
Mirage Tinsel (Medium)

I added eyes made of burned monofilament line and a Size 12 nymph hook
 and was fortunate enough to win the contest. Big thanks to Wapsi 
for the very nice prize package and for hosting the contest!