Monday, October 19, 2015

Makeshift Mouse

 At the FFF Southern Council Fly Fishing Fair, one of the 
visitors asked me to tie a Mouse Fly. I did not have all
of the best or required materials with me, but came up with
 this mouse from the materials that I had brought. These
pictures are from the show, and not from the very beginning
of the fly, but it will give a basic idea of how one is tied.

Spin the deer body hair. This is one not packed tight so it 
is a longer haired mouse. The tail was added first 
but not visible in the picture.

Add some foam or any other material you like for ears.

Trim the deer hair to the body shape you want.

Keep trimming.

The ears need to be shaped.

Cut the ears to whatever shape you like. Then tie
in some whiskers (these are elk hair).

Add some eyes and it's done.